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Visa on arrival

1. Australia 2. Brazil 3. Cambodia 4. Coc island 5. Djibouti 6. Fiji 7. Finland 8. Germany 9. Indonesia 10. Israel 11. Japan 12. Kenya 13. Kiribatty 14. Lavos 15. Luxomberg 16. Marshal island 17. Mauritius 18. Mexico 19. Micronesia 20. Myanmar 21. Nauru 22. New Zealand 23. Neevi island 24. Norway 25. Oman 26. Palau 27. Palestine 28. Papua new guinea 29. Philippines 30. Koran republic 31. Russia 32. Samoa 33. Singapore 34. Solomon island 35. Thailand 36. Tonga 37. Tofalo 38. UAE-United Arab Emirates 39. Vanuatu 40. Vietnam

1. The Photostat copy of your passport 2. A PDF file of 5KB at least and 300KB at maximum 3. A Photo, which should be uploaded along with the application form for Visa, with the following particulars and specifications: a. JPG or JPEG file image b. One MB at least and 10MB at maximum c. A square photo, with the height and length are same d. Having your clear phase, with frontal pose and open eyes e. Your face should be from above your head up to the neck f. Having either light colors or white g. No shade on the face or in the background h. Without borders

1. The applicants for visa on arrival should apply online, not before than 30 days since the date of arrival, nor within the days less than 4 from the date of travel. 2. A photo with white background, and a Photostat of the passport with the details such as name, DOB, nationality, the date of ending the validity of passport etc. should be uploaded along with the application. The application can be rejected as per the rules and regulations, due to the reason such as lack of clarity of the picture, unduly filled application or unauthentic documents. 3. The fee of the tourist visa on arrival is 60 American dollars per traveler, additional to other fees. This fee should be paid 4 days before the date of travel, and otherwise, the process will not be completed. 4. The fee for visa on arrival paid for one time can never be returned. 5. The international traveler should carry an ETA copy during the travel. 6. The biometric information will be collected from the international travelers on their arrival 7. The validity of the visa on arrival is 30 days since the day of arrival in India. 8. ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an eligibility to enter through Nine Airports: Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai Goa, Bangaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, and Trivandrum. 9. These facilities are additional to the already provided visa services. 10. The visa on arrival is valid for two visits within a calendar year. 11. The visa on arrival once issued cannot be extended, nor changed, nor allow you to visit Protected or Restricted areas or Military complexes. 12. You can track the application status online. 13. For any query, you can contact the Visa assistance center's number which is available round the clock: 0091 1124 300 666 and or mail to this ID: indiatvoa@gov.in

• The visit of the international visitors to India is with the sole purpose of enjoying and entertainment, seeing and enjoying the tourist places, casually visiting their relatives and friends, medical tourism for shorter time or casually paying business visits. • The passport should be valid for at least 6 months • The international travelers have to have in hand the ticket of either arrival trip or return trip, along with the money for essential expenditure during the stay. • The Pakistani visitors or visitors of Pakistani origin are requested to avail a normal Visa from the Indian commission. • Visa on Arrival is not given to the holders of Diplomatic passport or Official passport

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Ministry of External Affairs, Govt Of India.
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